Visual Identity

Enterprise logo interpretationVI

Meaning of the logo

The “square outer frame” represents integrity, loyalty, honesty and steadiness of Hunan Construction Investment Group. The inner pattern is composed of four vertical lines and the letter “C”, which looks like the Chinese character “Zhong” and signifies the Group’s status as the mainstay of industry development. The letter “C” is not only the first letter of “construction” in English but also the logo of “HCIG”, implying the international business of the Group and highlighting the beautiful vision of contributing to the construction of a community with a shared future for human beings.

The four vertical lines and the letter “C” represent the five industry sectors of the Group. The lines are dignified, representing the main business of architecture. The streamline shape of “C” is flexible and elegant, symbolizing the main business of transportation and water conservancy.

The shape of a “star” is the evolution of a coin hole. With the “star”, the shape of “C” is more flexible, representing the investment mission and responsibility as well as self-motivation.

Meaning of colors

The color of blue here symbolizes the sky and the sea, which means vitality. It signifies that the Group looks up at the starry sky and has the overall situation in mind. It represents the value pursuit of “creating social happiness with loyalty and creating a happy enterprise with integrity”, and shows the positive attitude of the people from Hunan Construction and Investment Corporation to “build a world-class construction investment enterprise” in high spirits.
sky blue #2B4ACB light blue #95A4E5 white #FFFFFF