Hunan Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

2023-08-23 15:52:04


Hunan Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as HCIG) is a large state-owned enterprise group with an annual turnover of nearly US$30 billion in Hunan Province. HCIG mainly engages in such businesses as construction (housing construction, municipal road and bridge construction, water conservancy and water transport project construction), research and design (survey and design, and smart buildings), real estate (real estate development and property services), and construction services (industrial investment and supporting financial services to itself).

HCIG places a strong emphasis on cultivating a comprehensive industrial chain that encompasses design, construction, operation, and investment and financing, with a specific focus on digital intelligence, green, and high-quality products. Its overarching objective is to build itself into a world-class construction and investment enterprise.

Boasting a substantial registered capital of US$5.961 billion, and a dedicated workforce of 42,000 employees, HCIG has garnered an esteemed AAA credit rating and possesses impressive total assets valued at US$31.588 billion, with net assets reaching US$9.476 billion, and an annual construction capacity of over US$43.075 billion.

In 2022, HCIG undertook business of US$41.065 billion and achieved revenue of US$23.988 billion.

HCIG has successively undertaken or participated in the construction of several landmark projects at home and abroad, like the Aizhai Extra Large Suspension Bridge, the Changsha Huanghua International Airport, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Competitive Wrestling Stadium in Senegal, the power grid in Ghana, the Presidential Palace in Burundi, the No. 1 National Highway in the Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville), and the E60 Highway Route in Georgia.

More than 1,000 projects have been awarded the Luban Prize (the highest honor for engineering quality in China’s construction industry), the Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize, the Gustav Lindenthal Medal, the Global Road Achievement Award (GRAA), etc., among which there are 141 Luban Prizes.

HCIGs foray into international business commenced in the 1950s, and now HCIG has extended its reach across 59 countries and regions. With a remarkable global footprint, the group’s international projects span diverse domains such as housing construction, municipal roads and bridges, water conservancy, port and shipping, power grid, new energy, industrial equipment installation, and trade.

HCIG has established a novel development framework for its international business, seamlessly integrating investment, construction, operation, and trade.

By actively promoting investment, construction, and operation projects, while simultaneously fostering foreign trade activities aligned with its core business, HCIG has achieved a harmonious synergy between investment and construction as well as engineering and trade.

Besides, HCIG has continuously advanced multiple international business operation models, fully leveraged the advantages of the whole industrial chain and diversified business forms and incessantly expanded the scope and reach of its international business.

At present, HCIG has 12 subsidiaries carrying out international business, such as Sino-Hunan Overseas Engineering and Development Co., Ltd., Hunan Construction Engineering Group, Hunan Road & Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd., Hunan Industrial Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. and Hunan Provincial Communications Planning, Survey & Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Notably, both Hunan Construction Engineering Group and Hunan Road & Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd. have consistently been listed among the “ENR Top 250 International Contractors” since 2018.