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Consul general of New Zealand in Guangzhou visits HCIG

2023-12-05 09:02:07

On November 29, Rachel Crump, consul general of New Zealand in Guangzhou, together with the delegation, visited Hunan Construction Investment Group (HCIG) to learn about the basic situation of the group, its international business development, as well as the development prospects and related demands of the group in New Zealand, and provide necessary assistance for subsequent economic and trade exchanges and cooperation.

Chen Hao, deputy general manager of the group, greeted them warmly.


Rachel Crump said that since last year, high-level leaders from China and New Zealand have increased mutual visits, especially after New Zealand’s accession to RCEP, which has made the economic and trade exchanges between the two countries more convenient, providing significant opportunities for New Zealand and Hunan to further strengthen practical cooperation in various fields.


She believed that the experience and achievements of HCIG in the field of green energy can help New Zealand develop the green energy industry, so HCIG has a promising cooperation prospect with New Zealand. The Consulate General of New Zealand in Guangzhou will play a bridging role in the future to guide the group to carry out practical cooperation with local enterprises in New Zealand.


Chen Hao warmly welcomed the arrival of Rachel Crump and the delegation. He introduced the group’s international business situation and the progress of new projects in detail, and emphasized the group’s performance and strength in the three major green energy fields, namely photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, and waste incineration power generation.

He hoped that with the care and support of the Consulate General, HCIG can participate more in the construction of large-scale public infrastructure projects in New Zealand and strengthen cooperation in the field of new energy, contributing to the economic and trade cooperation between China and New Zealand.

Before the meeting, the delegation visited the exhibition hall and watched promotional videos of the group to understand its development history, business strength, business composition, international business, and other related information.