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Delegation from Caribbean countries visits HCIG

2023-12-21 14:03:08

On the afternoon of December 15, the delegation of 24 young cadres from 8 Caribbean countries, including Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados, visited Hunan Construction Investment Group (HCIG).


At the conference, HCIG introduced the overview of the group, the basic situation of its international business, and the construction process of the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital project in Dominica, fully demonstrating the group’s strong competitive strength, contract performance ability, and the social responsibility of a large-scale state-owned enterprise, which received warm applause and recognition from the delegation.


One of the delegation from Dominica expressed their gratitude to the group for the China-aided Dominica-China Friendship Hospital in Dominica. After the project was put into use, the hospital was improved in terms of beds, equipment, and medical level, and benefited more patients in Dominica and surrounding countries.


During the communication between the two sides, representatives from various countries learned about the group’s market expansion plan in Caribbean countries, China-aided project applications, the real estate design, development, construction, and operation capabilities, the disaster resistance engineering construction and operation capabilities, and the exchange and study of foreign students in the group’s affiliated schools.