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Dalian Harbor Engineering wins quality engineering award for water transport

2023-12-18 14:08:14

Recently, the list of selected projects for the second batch of quality engineering awards for water transport for 2022-2023 was announced by the China Water Transportation Construction Association (CWTCA), and the Dalian Automobile Terminal (DAT) Berth 4 project undertaken by Dalian Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hunan Construction Investment Group, was included in the list.


The Water Transport Quality Engineering Award was set up in 1983 and evaluated by CWTCA. It evaluates the entire process from project initiation to completion acceptance, representing the advanced level of engineering in the same period. 

It is a ministerial-level honor award established earlier in China’s engineering construction industry, and also the highest award for project quality in the national water transport construction industry.

The DAT Berth 4 Project includes a new 50,000 GT roll-on and roll-off berth and its supporting facilities, with a transfer capacity of 285,000 vehicles per year. After completion, it will play a significant role in promoting the development of the automobile industry in the whole Northeast China, and leverage the intensive automotive logistics resources by optimizing the allocation of port resources.

Dalian Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. will continue to promote project construction, focus on engineering safety, quality, and environmental protection, innovate process technology, develop the distinctive brand of Dalian Port, cultivate core teams, and consolidate the core competitiveness in water transport projects, contributing to the group’s construction of a “world-class construction investment enterprise”.