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HNCDI wins national excellent engineering consulting achievement award

2024-02-07 10:20:22

Recently, the awarding-winning projects of the 2022 National Excellent Engineering Consulting Achievement Award were announced by China National Association of Engineering Consultants. The Nayong to Qinglong section in Guizhou Province of the Nayong-Xingyi National Expressway undertaken by Hunan Provincial Communications Planning, Survey & Design Institute Co., Ltd. (HNCDI) won the National Excellent Engineering Consulting Achievement Award for its survey, design, supervision and consulting. 


The National Excellent Engineering Consulting Achievement Award is the highest award in the engineering consulting industry evaluated once every two years. It aims to recognize and reward collectives and individuals making outstanding contributions in China’s engineering consulting business practice, promote innovation in engineering consulting methods and business, and better serve the economic and social development. 

The project is the connecting line G7612 Expressway of G76 Expressway (Xiamen to Chengdu), with a total length of 161.567 km and a design speed of 100 km per hour.

According to the full-process consulting concept, HNCDI has put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions in multiple aspects like effective control of resource occupation, energy consumption reduction and service level improvement. This has effectively enhanced the economic benefits of the project construction, and helped to achieve the goal of “resource conservation, ecological environmental protection, low-carbon energy saving, wisdom and efficiency, and service priority” during the project construction.