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HNRB wins 8 Lichun Prizes

2024-01-22 17:22:02

Recently, the 5th High-quality Highway Construction Conference as well as the 2022-2023 Highway Transportation Quality Engineering Award Commendation Conference were held in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, where 132 projects were awarded prizes. Eight projects undertaken or co-constructed by Hunan Road & Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd. (HNRB), a subsidiary of Hunan Construction Investment Group, won the prize, witnessing the group’s technical strength in the field of highway traffic construction once again.


The Highway Transportation Quality Engineering Award, also known as the “Lichun Prize”, is the highest engineering quality award in China’s highway transportation industry and the highest honor for national highway builders. 

South Dongting Bridge


The South Dongting Bridge constructed by HNRB is a control project of the Nanxian-Yiyang Expressway in Hunan Province. It is designed as a steel box girder cable-stayed bridge with double towers, double cable planes, and a main span of 450 meters. It was the largest-span cable-stayed bridge in Hunan Province at the time.

Majitang-Anhua Expressway


The Majitang-Anhua Expressway in Hunan Province is an important part of the planned seven vertical and seven horizontal expressway network in Hunan, with a total length of 67.28 kilometers. The section 1 of civil works and the section LM1 of the pavement undertaken by HNRB are 9.26 km long and 28 km long respectively.

Renhua-Xinfeng Expressway


The Renhua-Xinfeng section of Renhua-Boluo Highway in Guangdong Province is an important component of Wuhan-Shenzhen Expressway and an important inter-provincial channel in the Northern Guangdong. The section 9 of civil works undertaken by HNRB is 11.17 km long.

Leye-Baise Expressway


The Leye-Baise Expressway in Guangxi Province is an important section of the Yinchuan-Baise Expressway, and also an important part of the Tian’e-Longbang Expressway in the planned expressway network of Guangxi Province. The section 12 of civil works undertaken by HNRB is 10.53 km long.

The section from the Beijing-Hebei border of Beijing-Dezhou Expressway to Tianjin-Shijiazhuang Expressway


The section is an important component of the “four vertical and three horizontal” regional expressway network in the Xiong’an New Area of Hebei Province, with a total length of 87.2 kilometers. The section10 of civil works undertaken by HNRB is 8.62 km long, and was opened to traffic in May 2021.

New Line of Rongcheng-Wuhai Expressway (the section from Beijing-Taipei Expressway to Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway)


The section is a main component of the planned “four vertical and three horizontal” expressway network in Xiong’an New Area of Hebei Province. The section ZT9 of civil works undertaken by HNRB is 8.28 kilometers long and was opened to traffic in May 2021.

Wutong-Zhongxian Section of Putian-Yanling Expressway


The section, with a total length of 66.96 kilometers, is one of the connecting lines of Shenyang-Haikou Expressway in the national expressway network and is of great significance to strengthen the close connection among Fujian, Jiangxi and Hunan provinces. The sections A2 and 4 of civil works by HNRB, with a total length of 17.02 kilometers, were opened to traffic in January 2020.

Wendeng-Laiyang Expressway


The expressway is an important component of the highway network in Shandong Province. The total length of the main line of the project is 133.56 kilometers, making it the longest new highway project with the largest investment in Shandong Province during the 13th Five-year Plan period. The section 14 of the road surface constructed by HNRB has a total length of 27.09 kilometers and was opened to traffic in September 2020.

HNRB will continue efforts to implement high-quality projects in an all-round way and enhance its brand reputation in the construction of roads and bridges, making greater contributions to the construction of a powerhouse in the transport industry.