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Sino-Hunan International helps Mongolia respond to snow disaster

2024-02-27 16:02:02

In early winter this year, Mongolia has been experiencing rare extreme cold and snowstorm weather throughout the country. Spring production in more than 190 counties nationwide has faced severe challenges, and over 80% of the country are covered with heavy snow, with snow thickness reaching 100 centimeters in many areas. Multiple United Nation agencies have reported that the “Dzud” in Mongolia has reached a severe level, seriously affecting agriculture, transportation, and the daily lives of the people. 


The ET Coal Mine Road project is located in Sukhbaatar Province, Mongolia, with a minimum temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius. The snow depth in the construction area is 40 to 60 cm, and the deepest snow thickness is about 2 meters. 

Faced with the sudden snowstorm and cold wave disaster, the project department of the Sino-Hunan International Engineering and Development Co., Ltd. quickly launched winter duty plans and emergency plans for preventing rain, snow and freezing. While ensuring the safety of the project personnel, equipment and materials, they actively participated in disaster prevention and rescue operations.

Since the beginning of this winter, they have rescued about 400 people (vehicles) trapped in snow. 


To ensure the supply of daily necessities and travel for herdsmen along the road, and to promote winter coal transportation of ET Coal Mine, with the strong support of ET Coal Mine owners, the owners and project department organized left-behind personnel and mechanical equipment to jointly clear snow on the road. Now, the snow clearing and rescue work is still ongoing. 

The company will fulfill its local social responsibility, and continue to take practical and effective actions to help Mongolia respond to climate changes, spur local economic development, and facilitate people’s life.