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HNRB wins bid for 3B-bis section of Benin municipal project

2024-03-05 09:01:02

Recently, Hunan Road & Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd. (HNRB),a subsidiary of Hunan Construction Investment Group (HCIG), won the bid for the 3B-bis section of Phase B3 of the Benin municipal project, with a contract amount of approximately US $ 66.5614 million.


It is another achievement of HNRB after winning the bid for the two sections of Phase B2 of the Benin municipal project last year, showing the Benin government’s high recognition of HNRB’s ability to fulfill the contract.

The project is located in Cotonou of Benin, with a total length of 36.77 kilometers. The main construction includes three-network relocation, surface cleaning, earthwork, pavement, water drainage, and traffic signals, with a construction period of 30 months. After its completion, it will greatly improve the urban environment and travel conditions, and also contribute to the shaping of the group’s good image in the Benin market.