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SHICO receives thank-you letter from Erdenetsagaan County government

2024-03-18 15:10:02

Sino-Hunan International Engineering and Development Co., Ltd. (SHICO) received a thank-you letter from the government of Erdenetsagaan County, Sükhbaatar Province, Mongolia on March 11 this year, expressing its sincere gratitude to SHICO for actively fulfilling local social responsibilities and contributing to Mongolia’s infrastructure construction, regional industrial development, and people’s convenient lives through practical and effective actions. 


According to the letter, since the beginning of winter in 2023, Mongolia has experienced rare extreme cold and snowstorm weather throughout the country. Facing a “dzud” crisis, the ET Coal Mine Road Project Management Department in Mongolia has actively responded, with the strong support of ET coal mine and eastern logistics owners, rescuing local herdsmen and passing transport vehicles, and arranging construction equipment to clear snow on access roads, opening up the lifeline of road transportation. 

2024 marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Erdenetsagaan County. The county government hopes that SHICO will actively participate in the infrastructure construction of the county seat and surrounding areas, promoting rapid regional development.