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Cai Dianwei visits sunflower seed oil processing plant project in Tanzania

2024-05-15 17:13:02

On May 12 local time, Mao Yuxin, deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Hunan Province, and Cai Dianwei, chairman of Hunan Construction Investment Group (HCIG), visited the sunflower seed oil processing plant project in Tanzania.


As an agricultural country, Tanzania is abundant in sunflowers, but its edible oil relies heavily on imports due to poor industrial production technology.

This project can help local farmers planting sunflowers obtain a market share and increase their income, optimize the supply structure of domestic edible oil in Tanzania, ensure the stability of its edible oil supply, increase the added value of agricultural products, solve the problem of insufficient processing capacity of local agricultural products, and assist in the industrial development of Tanzania.


This project will also create direct or indirect employment opportunities for the Tanzanian people, increase local taxes, and further promote the economic development in Tanzania.

The inspection team visited the construction site, learned about the project progress, listened to the relevant reports of the project leader, and recognized the preliminary work of the project. At the meeting, Hunan No.6 Engineering Co., Ltd., Yueyang Guansheng, and Mainland Group gave a detailed report on the project situation respectively. The attendees discussed topics such as the contracting mode of the project, production and operation, and team building.


As to how to promote the construction of overseas projects to help enterprises achieve high-quality development, Mao Yuxin stressed that we must strengthen safety and quality control to create high-quality projects, strictly abide by local laws and regulations to ensure the smooth and orderly progress of the project, explore new barter trade models to enhance core competitiveness, and build a high-quality talent team to stimulate the internal motivation of enterprises. At the same time, he hoped that all parties involved in the project can work together to inject vitality into Hunan’s endeavor to buiod a highland for reform and opening up in inland areas.

Cai Dianwei expressed gratitude to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Hunan Province for its guidance and support for HCIG. He also said that the company will emphasize quality and safety management, strengthen team communication and collaboration, conduct practical research, seek innovative development, promote high-quality Belt and Road cooperation and shoulder the responsibility of building Hunan into a highland of reform and opening up in inland areas.


Officials from the International Cooperation Department of HCIG, Hunan No.6 Engineering Co., Ltd., HNRB, and SH Capital participated in the inspection.