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Cai Dianwei visits Seychelles

2024-05-20 17:35:22

Cai Dianwei, chairman of Hunan Construction Investment Group (HCIG), visited Seychelles with an economic and trade delegation for investigation from May 16 to 17. 


They visited the local construction market and the Chinese Embassy in Seychelles and participated in the technical acceptance and equipment handover ceremony of the China-aided Radio and Television Center project in Seychelles.

On the morning of May 17 local time, Cai Dianwei and his delegation visited the Chinese Embassy in Seychelles and exchanged views with Lin Nan, ambassador of the embassy, and Liu Junsheng, economic and commercial counselor, on the group’s project cooperation in Seychelles.


Lin Nan welcomed the arrival of the delegation and thanked HCIG for their dedicated efforts in the high-quality construction of the project. She said that in the past five years, HCIG has overcome numerous difficulties in staff travel and material transportation during the epidemic, and completed the project construction, delivering a satisfactory answer to the people of Seychelles. She hopes that HCIG can further strengthen cooperation with Seychelles in the field of infrastructure construction. The embassy will continue to provide support to help the enterprise develop in Seychelles.

Cai Dianwei briefly introduced the reform and development of HCIG and its business operations in Seychelles, and expressed gratitude to the Embassy and the Economic and Commercial Office in Seychelles for their long-term care and support. He said that Seychelles is an important part of the overseas market of the group. The company will continue to tap into the Seychelles market, focus on high-quality project development, and innovate business models, in a bid to create more high-quality projects, and contribute to the high-quality construction of the “Belt and Road” between China and Seychelles.


Subsequently, the technical acceptance and equipment handover ceremony of the China-aided Radio and Television Center project was held in Victoria, Seychelles. Devika VIDOT, minister of Industry of Seychelles, Fock Tave, secretary general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lin Nan, ambassador of the Chinese Embassy in Seychelles, Berard Dupres, CEO of Seychelles Radio and Television Company, and Cai Dianwei, chairman of HCIG, attended it.

Before the start of the ceremony, the project leader led the participating leaders and guests to visit the project site. They expressed great satisfaction with the high-quality performance of the project.


At the ceremony, Lin Nan congratulated on the smooth transfer of project equipment and pointed out that the project is the largest China-aid project in Seychelles in the past decade. It now becomes a landmark building in the local area and a model of friendly cooperation between China and Seychelles. This project will provide Seychelles Radio and Television Company with the most advanced office building, promote the development of the radio and television industry in Seychelles, and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the local people. 

Lin Nan added that at present, the relation between China and Seychelles enters a new stage of development. China is willing to continue to support each other on the international stage with Seychelles, further tap into the potential of economic cooperation, and expand bilateral trade volume to further facilitate the China-Seychelles “Belt and Road” practical cooperation.


Berard Dupres expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government for providing assistance to Seychelles and to HCIG for its arduous efforts and important contributions during the project construction, and highly praised the achievements of the project construction. He emphasized that the project is of great significance for Seychelles to achieve its strategic goal of digitizing radio and television, and will become an important milestone in the development of the radio and television industry in Seychelles.

Cai Dianwei thanked the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Chinese Embassy in Seychelles for their care, guidance, and help during the project implementation process. After the project is put into operation, it will improve the relatively backward infrastructure in Seychelles and promote the strategic goal of achieving digitalization of radio and television in Seychelles. 


In the future, HCIG will continue efforts to promote the in-depth development of friendly exchanges and practical cooperation between China and Seychelles.

The Seychelles Radio and Television Center is not only a platform to showcase the local cultural ecology and social development but also an information center to promote cultural exchange between China and Seychelles and disseminate fine Chinese culture. It is a key China-aid project in Africa and currently the most advanced China-aid radio and television project overseas.


Representatives from the International Cooperation Department of HCIG, Hunan No.6 Engineering Co., Ltd., HNRB, SHICO, and SH Capital attended the handover ceremony and other related activities.