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Cai Dianwei visits Tanzania

2024-05-16 16:10:11

In order to implement the Belt and Road Initiative and integrate into the construction of the “Pilot Zone for In-depth China-Africa Economic and Trade Deep Cooperation”, Cai Dianwei, chairman of Hunan Construction Investment Group (HCIG), visited Tanzania with his delegation for inspection from May 11 to14.


At the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania, Cai Dianwei held discussions and exchanges on the group’s business and production situation in Tanzania as well as the future market prospects of Tanzania with Chu Kun, counselor of the Business Office of the embassy.

Chu Kun welcomed the arrival of Cai Dianwei and his delegation, acknowledged the contributions made by HCIG to the social and economic development of Tanzania over the past 20 years, and introduced the current development status and future market of Tanzania. China and Tanzania are traditional friendly countries and it’s hoped that HCIG will further increase its investment in the Tanzanian market and continue efforts to promote bilateral cooperation to achieve more practical results. Meanwhile, the embassy will provide more support for the group’s work.


Cai Dianwei expressed his gratitude to the embassy and the business office for their long-term trust, guidance, and support to the group, and introduced the overall situation of its international business and the development status in Tanzania. 

He added that the group has completed a series of high-quality infrastructure construction such as roads, bridges, municipal facilities, and housing in Tanzania, and will continue efforts to explore the Tanzanian market under the guidance of the embassy in the future. At present, there are two ongoing projects, namely, the 33.61-kilometer road upgrade in Iringa and the sunflower seed oil processing plant in Dodoma, which need continuous support from the embassy.


At the Arusha Provincial Branch of the National Highway Administration, Cai Dianwei led the delegation to have a discussion with Director Reginald Massawe.

Cai Dianwei first introduced the overall situation of the group’s international business and the development of various business items in Tanzania in recent years. HCIG has conducted business in multiple provinces such as Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Iringa, Rukwa, and Dodoma. Arusha is the second largest province in Tanzania with huge economic development potential, and the group is willing to cooperate with the Highway Bureau to contribute Chinese efforts to the improvement of regional transportation facilities.

Reginald Massawe said that Arusha has vast market space in urban construction, infrastructure construction, and other fields. HCIG is welcome to leverage its advantages and increase investment in local construction to promote the cooperation between the two sides to a new level.

Both sides also had full exchanges on the specific project cooperation for the next stage.


Meanwhile, during their stay in Tanzania, Cai Dianwei and his delegation also conducted supervision on the construction of the 33.61-kilometer road upgrade project and the sunflower seed oil processing plant.

Representatives from the International Cooperation Department of HCIG, SHICO, Hunan No.6 Engineering Co., Ltd., Hunan Road & Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd., and SH Capital joined in the trip.