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HNCEG rated as AAA credit grade enterprise

2024-05-27 17:17:02

Hunan Construction Engineering Group (HNCEG), a subsidiary of Hunan Construction Investment Group (HCIG), was honored as an AAA credit grade enterprise with a stable rating outlook on May 23 by Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd., an authoritative domestic credit rating agency. 


HNCEG is another company in the group to get the honor after HCIG received it in 2022, which marks a milestone breakthrough in the group’s credit strength and brand image in the capital market.

A high credit grade is the “passport” for enterprises in the financial market. At present, AAA credit grade is the highest credit grade for domestic enterprises, and indicates that those enterprises have strong strength, stable operation, and extremely low default risk, and that their credit level, operational management ability, and development prospects have been highly recognized by the market. 

The honor HNCEG received this time shows the rating agency’s high recognition of the group’s recent reform and development achievements and subsequent development potential, and demonstrates the high affirmation of the group’s capital strength, credit level, and professional ability in the financial market.

Next, the group will leverage the role of AAA credit grade enterprises in assisting investment and operation, reducing costs and increasing benefits, and promoting high-quality development. 

On the basis of traditional credit financing models, it will continue efforts to enrich various financial toolboxes and optimize capital structure and debt maturity structure. Meanwhile, it will strengthen the financing platforms of HCIG, HNCEG, and SH Capital to enhance the adaptability of financial instruments to accurately support new investment and management models and formats, and provide timely and reasonable liquidity support for the group’s investment and operation through multiple channels and methods, contributing to building the group into a “world-class construction and investment enterprise”, and realizing the beautiful blueprint of “three hubs and four new missions”.