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HCIG wins bid for hydropower EPC project in Pahang

2024-05-30 16:17:13

Recently, the Southeast Asian Business Unit of SHICO, a subsidiary of HCIG, and Hunan Baige Water Conservancy Construction Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of HCIG, jointly won the bid for the 45MW hydropower EPC project in Pahang of Malaysia. It is the first hydropower project undertaken by HCIG in Southeast Asia.

The project is located in the Cameron Highlands region of Pahang, with a total construction period of 48 months and a bid price of approximately US$ 124.526 million. After the completion of the project, it will effectively improve the situation of tense power supply in Pengheng and stably provide electricity for the local economic and livelihood development.

The Southeast Asia is a key overseas regional market for the group. This project will further enhance the brand influence of the group in the Southeast Asian market, which is of great milestone significance for the group to explore the clean energy market in the Southeast Asian region.