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Talent concept

2023-05-29 10:39:18
Stick to putting people first

We adhere to the management concept of putting people first and are aimed at creating a working environment with equality and mutual respect. We support our employees and build development platforms based on their needs. We allocate talent in a global context, promote rational talent distributions and flows and provide comprehensive career paths and broad development space, enabling brilliant people to “shine”.
Strengthen core talented personnel building

We firmly regard talent as our primary resource. We will maintain our strategic resolve to promote the talented personnel building in cultivating excellent leading talent, high-caliber professional talent, compound business management talent and skilled workers, in an effort to build a talent hub.

Build talented personnel with ability, efficiency and diversity

We will actively establish a human resource management system that fits the enterprise’s strategic development to create a better institutional environment for talent, improve organizational performance and build a group of talented people with ability, efficiency and diversity, in the hope of injecting continuous impetus into and providing support for Group’s promising future.