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HNCEG Communications Construction wins ‘Jinbiao Cup’ first prize

2024-01-11 16:10:12

Recently, the China Energy Conservation Association (CECA) announced the list of projects with outstanding achievements in BIM/CIM-based and energy-saving applications in the fourth “Jinbiao (Golden Medal Standard) Cup” in 2023. The eighth contract section of Chaling-Changning Expressway undertaken by HNCEG Communications Construction Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hunan Construction Investment Group (HCIG), with intelligent construction based on BIM technology, won the first prize for BIM-based construction and energy-saving achievements.

This award was evaluated by CECA, with 2,332 projects of over 1,000 units competing for the award. 

This is the second time for HNCEG Communications Construction Co., Ltd. to win the national BIM award after getting the “second prize” for BIM/CIM-based and energy-saving applications in the third “Jinbiao Cup”, which demonstrates the mature BIM design capability and comprehensive application strength of the company.


The award-winning project was led by the Design Technology Information Center of HNCEG Communications Construction Co., Ltd. and implemented and completed by the project department of the eighth contract section of the Chaling-Changning Expressway. With a total length of 7.65km and a connecting line of 3.77km, there are 17 bridges, 82 culverts, Aoshan Interchange and Dashi Hub Interchange in the section. The project has the characteristics of large-scale construction, a long route, and complex structural technology.


Focusing on the key and difficult construction stages of the project such as maintenance of auxiliary roads at Dashi Hub Interchange, traffic diversion during the construction phase, steel box girder hoisting, and bridge widening, the BIM design team of the company has utilized the forward design mode with synchronous design and modeling in three-dimensional scenes to provide technical support for the implementation of intelligent construction in this project through construction process simulation, dynamic simulation of construction organization, and deployment of emergency plans, and achieved good results.


Based on the application of BIM technology, the project has optimized 8 plans and changed 42 designs. The project of a road renovated into a bridge has saved the cost of over 10 million yuan, creating efficiency for engineering construction and empowering project management.